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Enhancement of Public Private Partnership for Earthquake Risk Reduction

S.No Name of the Organization Date Remarks No. of Participant
1 Hotel Asociation of Nepal (HAN) MoU   Private Sector Business  
2 Nepal Pharmaceuticals Laboratory Pvt. Ltd (NPL)   Private Sector Business 25
3 Hotel Asociation of Nepal (HAN) Interaction   Private Sector Business 60
4 Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce and Industries (LCCI)   Private Sector Business 35

Hotel Industry to enhance disaster resiliency

Discourse has been commenced to enhance the disaster resiliency of Nepal's Tourism Industry, especially the Hotel Industry, a major stake of national economy and considered to have the highest local private sector investment in Nepal with the recorded investment of around Rs. 100 billion. Tourism Industry in Nepal contributes around 9% of GDP of national economy. From the disaster risk management perspectives, private sector entities have two-fold role in building resilience in their businesses and contributing as a part of corporate social responsibility in enhancing community resilience.

Speaking on the opening session of a half-day interactive presentation session on "Earthquake Risk of Nepal and Need for Preparedness of Hotel Industry", Mr. Amar Man Shakya, First Vice-President of Hotel Association Nepal (HAN), in his welcoming speech appreciated the initiation taken by NSET for collaborating with HAN for its active involvement towards disaster risk reduction of Hotel Industry. He told that Nepal stands on the 11th position in terms of seismic vulnerability and hotel industry would be highly affected in case of a big earthquake in Nepal in a view to its infrastructure, flow of people and mobilization of human resources involved in this sector. He highlighted that awareness program is a must to the hotel owners and management team to initiate the preparedness in order to mitigate the risk. He also briefed that HAN would extend its cooperation in every aspect of DRR and would like to work with Nepal government, NSET and all concerned stakeholders on making hotel industry in Nepal disaster resilient and leave a positive message to the tourists coming from around the world.

This is the third program of this kind associated to tourism sector and the first one with hotel industry sector where more than 60 participants from hotel industry from non-star to three stars category hotels had actively participated and brainstormed on this theme.

Dr. Amod Mani Dixit, Executive Director of NSET highlighted the role of private sector in earthquake risk management, and the need for the private sector to make their family and their business safer through the development and implementation of Business Continuity Plan. He pointed out the importance of the Hotel Industry and its contribution to the national economy, and that is the reason why this industry should be safe against disaster.

Mr. Gajendra Bahadur Shrestha, Treasurer of HAN made his closing remarks by thanking the participants, guests, media professionals and especially USAID and NSET team for taking initiation to ignite the hotel sector stakeholders to start preparedness activities and to mitigate the risk. He also requested all not to spread wrong message by scaring off the tourists about the earthquake risk but to work closely for better preparedness. A half-day interactive presentation session program was jointly organized by Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) and National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET) under Public Private Partnership for Earthquake Risk Management Program supported by USAID/OFDA.

NSET E Bulletins
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