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Disaster Inventory/ Information Management System in Nepal (DesInventar)

National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET) with financial and technical support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the year 2003 endeavored to establish a systematic data inventory of natural disaster events in Nepal. The overall goal of the initiation was the Institutionalization of the Disaster Inventory/Information Management System in Nepal in national level. To achieve this goal, the program was formulated with the broad objective to prepare a systematic database of natural disasters occurred in Nepal for a period of 33 years (1971 January to December 2003). The effort was focused mainly on collection, computer-entry, and analysis of natural disaster data for the period. A standard data collection format was developed and used to capture the data from different sources and entered into the "DesInventar System".

DesInventar is an inventory system, a methodology to register data about characteristics and effects of diverse types of disasters, from global or national scales and/or local level. The DesInventar methodology includes a software product with two main components. The DesInventar module is a relational and structural database through which the database is fed by filling in predefined fields (space and temporal data, types of events and causes, sources)and by both direct and indirect effects (over life, houses, infrastructure, economic sectors). The DesConsultar module allows access to the database by queries that may include relations among the diverse variables of effects, types of events, causes, sites, dates, etc. including queries with tables, graphics and thematic maps. DesInventar is also a tool that facilitates the analysis and representation in space and time of hazards, vulnerabilities and risks in a retrospective and prospective way, for applications in risk management in such various activities as those of planning and mitigation to those of attention and recovery. The DesInventar Tool was and developed and successfully implemented by The Social Studies Network for Disasters Prevention in Latin America (LARED).

A consistent and sound database on the historical disasters of Nepal for the period after 1971 could be recorded then into the DesInventar System with details on the event and impacts. Such analysis of natural disasters from different angles helps develop future plans and programs for disaster risk mitigation in the country in one hand and make people aware from the disasters on the other hand. This database has served much as an important tool in drafting National Strategy for Disaster Risk Management (NSDRM).

Further, in the following years, NSET envisaged to continue and has been continuing such an initiative of an adequate, stable, sustainable, and operational system for systematic disaster inventory and management of the disaster database for effective Risk Reduction and Emergency Response Planning in the country. Now, this database has remained as an integral part of disaster studies and planning for Nepal. This disaster inventory has been hence continuously updated and maintained by NSET; and these disaster data of Nepal for the period of 1971 to date are available at NSET Office systems.

Outcomes of DesInventar

» Human Death due to Natural Disaster (Epidemic) in Nepal, 1971-2009
» Building Destroyed and Damaged due to Disaster (Fire) in Nepal, 1971-2009
» Human Death and Other Losses due to Natural Disaster (Flood) in Nepal, 1971-2009

Death due to Natural Disaster (Landslide) in Nepal, 1971-2009



Death Due to Disasters in Nepal (1971-2009)


Human Deaths and Disaster Records in Nepal, 1971-2009


» Human death and other losses due to disaster, 1971-2009
» Yearwise Human death and other losses due to disaster, 1971-2009

Districtwise Human death and other losses due to disaster, 1971-2009


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