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HF Station set up at NSET

Nepal's Amateur Radio community is progressing appreciably during the later time. Now the organized efforts are more focused on strengthening Nepali Amateur Radio as one of the most reliable communication means for Disaster Emergencies. To help establish link with hams from different parts of the world and make the communication possible, a HF Station has been set up at NSET on June 8, 2012 with a call sign of 9N1KS. Main purpose of this set up has remained to provide training to new ham operators on establishing HF communication worldwide.

HF Antennae set up atop NSET Building
9N1AA & 9N1HA demonstrating establishing HF Links

After establishing HF station, demonstration was made on how such communications could be established. First few QSOs (communications) established were with ham radio operators from India, Indonesia, Argentina and Thailand. Ham operators from NARL, NSET and IOE observed and learned about the procedures.

Earlier in April 2012, repeater Kenwood TM‐V71A, a UHF/VHF Cross‐band was installed at NSET which is allowed for any 9N Ham to use. CAN‐USA had then donated the equipment together with 8 more Handheld Radios for Nepali new Hams from NSET & IOE and also provided technical support for operating such technologies. The 9N1KS repeater is located atop the NSET building on the southern outskirts of Kathmandu [map] transmitting on 145.000MHz and receiving on 434.500MHz with no tone.

Emergency Communication Systems which are pivotal in managing disasters should have not only appropriatetechnology and adequate infrastructure, but also need proper backup and redundancy mechanisms. Amateur Radios are found globally as one of the best options in such adversities. Nepal can also benefit from this zero‐operation‐cost technology particularly in case of emergencies not only due to earthquakes but in all types of disaster situations. The need is hence to extend and strengthen the Ham capacities throughout the country.

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HF Station set up at NSET
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