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Training Programs

Earthquake Safety Construction Skill Training for masons and construction technicians
(in Bhadrapur, Gaur, Bhaktapur, Madhyapur Thimi, Kirtipur Municipality and Kathmandu Metropolitan City)
Photo Gallery - Mason Training
Photo Gallery - Self Builders

NSET in association with the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Nepal under the LWF DIPECHO-CPDRR component implemented the Earthquake Safety Construction Skill Training for Masons and Construction Technicians in Bhardrapur, Gaur, Bhaktapur, Madhyapur Thimi, Kirtipur Municipality and Kathmandu Metropolitan City.
Under this program various training programs on earthquake safety construction was conducted to the masons and construction technicians in Bhadrapur, Gaur, Bhaktapur, Madhyapur Thimi, Kirtipur Municipalities and Kathmandu Metropolitan City.These training programs was conducted in close coordination with the local municipal authorities for making the programs more effective, impact-full and institutionalized.

Enhancing knowledge and skills of masons and construction workers of specified municipal areas on the earthquake-resistant construction technology was the main objective of the proposed project. Following are additional objectives of the project:

  • Capacity enhancement of municipal construction technicians for incorporating earthquake-resistant construction technology, disseminating the technology and in implementing earthquake risk management activities;
  • Dissemination of earthquake resistant construction technology including the retrofitting technology for existing buildings to the key role players of the building construction process.
  • Include municipal authorities in the training process and help them to initiate the process of promoting safer building construction practices

The main purpose of this course was to enhance the knowledge and skills of existing skilled workforce involved in building construction business i.e. masons, carpenter, steel fixer. This course was designed to upgrade the skills of existing masons, carpenters and steel fixers for construction of earthquake-resistant houses. This course was not for unskilled labors to help them in becoming skilled labors. Therefore, following was the intended target group of this course:
a. Masons
b. Carpenters
c. Steel fixers / Bar benders
d. Local petty contractors who work as head mason and overall in-charge for house construction

Basically, those construction workers who were involved in the construction of basic structural components of buildings for example foundation, wall, beam, slabs etc. which may of any material ranging from traditional material such as timber, stone to the modern construction materials like reinforced concrete, are the main target group of the course.

Priority was given to those who are literate and can contribute to further dissemination of the technology, and also to young energetic ones.




1 18-23 Feb, 2007 Bhaktapur Municipality 35
2 25 Feb-2 Mar, 2007 Bhaktapur Municipality 35
3 9-14 Mar, 2007 Kathmandu Metropolitan City 29
4 20-26 Mar, 2007 Kathmandu Metropolitan City 41
5 3-8 May, 2007 Kathmandu Metropolitan City 32
6 9-16 May, 2007 Kathmandu Metropolitan City 38
7 27 Feb-4 Mar, 2007 Lalitpur Sub-Metropoliton City (KTM) 39
8 1-6 Mar, 2007 Lalitpur Sub-Metropoliton City (KTM) 32
9 5-10 March, 2007 Madhyapur Municipality 35
10 12-17 March, 2007 Madhyapur Municipality 35
11 5-10 May, 2007 Madhyapur Municipality 36
12 19-24 Feb, 2007 Kirtipur Municipality 36
13 26 Feb-3 May, 2007 Kirtipur Municipality 35
14 7-12 Apr, 2007 Bhadrapur Municipality, Jhapa 30
15 14-19 Apr, 2007 Bhadrapur Municipality, Jhapa 43
16 15-20 Apr, 2007 Gaur Municipality, Rautahat 35
17 22-27 Apr, 2007 Gaur Municipality, Rautahat 35
    Total Participants 601


1 May 10-12, 2007 Bhaktapur Municipality 25
2 May 11-13, 2007 Kirtipur Municipality 27
3 May 13-15, 2007 Kathmandu Metropolitan City 24
4 May 14-16, 2007 Madhyapur Thimi Municipality 28
    Total Participants 104







  • A total of 601 masons and technicians have been trained on earthquake-resistant construction technology; under different training program conducted in Bhadrapur Municipality of Jhapa, Gaur Municiplity of Rautahat and Kathmandu Valley.
  • These trained masons and construction technicians will apply earthquake-resistant construction technologies in new construction and they will also inspire the potential house owners to construct earthquake resistant buildings. They are expected to be the most appropriate means for disseminating the technology in the community.
  • Further, apart from the masons, 104 Self Builders has been trained in Kathmandu Valley and training of additional 70 masons is planned.

Participants were able to;

  • Talk about the earthquake risk of Nepal and the region and convince others on the reality of future occurrences of earthquakes
  • Able to apply earthquake-resistant construction technology in the construction of following commonly constructed houses in rural and semi-urban areas
  • Masonry houses of brick, block or stones with cement sand mortar or mud mortar
  • 2-3 storied RCC framed buildings as per Mandatory Rule of Thumbs of Nepal National Building Code.
  • Low Strength Masonry House and Timber houses
  • Describe about the possibility of repair and strengthening of existing buildings
  • Act as a social motivator for promoting earthquake safer construction practices in their locality and convince others on the need of earthquake-resistant construction technology
  • Optimistically, after completion of the course, the participants are expected to be teaching other fellow construction workers on the technology at their construction sites.
  • Work for the implementation of building code in the respective municipality.
  • Individual groups called the ‘Earthquake Resistant Building Construction Workers Group’ were formed in each municipality to work for the enhancement of their professional skills in earthquake resistant construction.


  • All the trainings were organized on the close coordination of respective municipalities. They have shown keen interest and shows positive response as their own activities.
  • All the municipalities have accepted the need of Masons’ Group for the safer construction in their municipality. They oath to include these Groups as a stakeholders of municipality in the coming days.
  • Some of the Municipalities have given a room for the mason group for office purposes.
  • The entire municipality owned the program as a milestone for the building code implementation.
  • All these points proved the sustainability of these trainings and connection with the governments; however advocacy and support from the outside is still required.

Photo Gallery - Mason Training

Photo Gallery - Self Builders


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